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Sure, Apple Reminders is cool if you need to jot down a shopping list, but if you need manage a project with multiple stages and deadlines, then Reminders won’t cut it. And apps like Todoist or Wunderlist (which is on its death bed) don’t handle projects as nicely as Things either.

- “Using Things 3

In one corner, we have the reigning champ that comes pre-installed on all of your iDevices and MacBooks— Apple’s Notes app (aka “Apple Notes”). In the other corner, the underdog from Italy — Bear Notes by Shiny Frog.

- “Bear Notes vs. Apple Notes

Over the course of my six years as a tech product manager in the Bay Area, I’ve had a lot of conversations with students, engineers, MBA grads, and others interested in product management. Since there are some questions that come up every time, I thought that it would be cool to address them here.

- “Product Management FAQs

And that’s really the key to the Apple Watch — figuring out how to customize it to meet your needs. I’ve learned that if you spend any time on your watch’s apps screen, you’re doing it wrong.

- “I Stand Corrected — the Apple Watch is Great!

I’m bored with iOS, and I have been for a long time. Every year, I follow the announcements from WWDC and Google I/O, and I’ve been impressed with Android’s progress, but iOS advancements have felt gradual. I’ve been wanting more flexibility and customization options as well as better ways access the information I care most about. iOS widgets were an improvement, but not enough.

- “My Switch to Android After 8+ Years of iPhone

Welp, I made it about six months into my Android experience before switching back to an iPhone. I guess an update is appropriate, albeit a little late. Since this is a late update, it’s worth mentioning that some of the Android quirks that I complain about here may have been solved by updates that have taken place long after my return to Apple’s warm embrace.

- “Back to iPhone!


Sure, we have Luke Cage, Falcon, and War Machine now, but when I was a kid, which black superheroes on the screen could I root for? Maybe Storm???

- “Black (Panther) is Beautiful

Some of the best songs don’t waste any time. They start off by verbally grabbing you by the collar, pulling you in real close, and letting you know that it’s not a game. These tracks quickly set the tone, and in the process of doing so, provide memorable bars. Here are ten of my favorite opening verses of all time.

- “Making an Entrance: The Best Opening Verses in Hip-Hop

Your all-­time favorite MC has a name that heads know, incredible mic skills, and an impressive catalog. However, when you read “best of all time” lists, if you’re lucky, s/he’s an honorable mention. As it turns out, it’s usually because they fall into one of these three categories.

- “Three Reasons Your Favorite Rapper Isn't Anyone's Top Five” (on Green Label - a Mountain Dew & Complex Magazine collaboration)

As Common said, way back, on “Invocation,” “I could have sampled Diana Ross a long time ago.” It takes a special ear to take something more off-kilter—like a cartoon theme song or horror movie prelude—and make heads nod. In the hands of a great producer, some of the most unlikely, wackiest samples can become hip-hop classics. Here are five of my favorites.

- “Five of the Best Unlikely Hip-hop Samples (Green Label)”


Somewhere along the way, I realized that the world was much bigger than Flint, and the best way to see much of it was to be successful. I’m not sure how and when that really clicked for me, considering that my first flight didn’t happen until I was 18, but somehow, I knew that there was so much to explore at a young age.

- “Engineer, Product Manager, Flint Native, and Black: Don’s Story

I wasn’t prepared for such a deep question over tacos and beer, but it was a fun chance to take a stab at articulating an answer to something I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about throughout my life. I ended up identifying three areas that I try to spend time cultivating: family, career, and creative pursuits.

- “Defining a Meaningful Life

One reason I’m writing it is to capture my thoughts and revisit them two, ten, 25 years later to see how my views have changed and evaluate what I’ve learned. It’s also to address one of the questions I’ve been asked several times over the past six months, “how does it feel?”

- “Some Thoughts on Marriage (Six Months In)